Maple 3 Maple Water officially lauched in China

Shanghai, China Novembre 2019 - After having signed a major distribution contract in November 2018 at its offices in Quebec, Maple 3 and its Chinese partner are now taking advantage of the CIIE (China International Import Expo) to launch maple water in the Middle Empire with the shipment of nearly 500,000 bottles this year.

It’s no coincidence that the company was able to win this important contract. Since 2015, the company has been traveling every year to participate in various trade fairs and to meet potential importers. In recent years, Maple 3 has met with numerous distributors interested in marketing the product. However, since maple water remained an unknown resource not listed in the customs system, it was not possible for the Chinese authorities to accept the products.

From thread to needle, Maple 3 finally met the partner of choice who, through his determination to make maple water a success in China, finally managed to register the product at customs. Despite current political tensions, Canadian food products still enjoy a good reputation among the Chinese people. In less than a year, Maple 3 has already shipped almost half a million liters of this delicious, naturally filtered water.

Choose nature as a laboratory

What amazes Chinese people so much is the unique and natural process of making the product. To fully explain the origin of maple water, the company released an explanatory video in China highlighting the work of our beautiful Quebec forests. "Love at first sight comes when you explain that it is the roots of the tree that draw and filter the water from the soil, to give it all its electrolytes, minerals and delicious maple taste," explains Yannick. Leclerc, sales manager at Maple 3.

The strength of the « guanxi »

At the fair, through its distribution partner, Maple 3 signed several supply contracts with various Chinese provinces. Among many other global giants participating in the fair, images of maple water were broadcast on national television during a report on the CIIE. Maple 3 would never have hoped to have such a big media impact without the help of its partner and network of contacts. "The contact network, commonly known as guanxi in China, is much larger here than it is in western countries. China is huge but it is a very complex market. The key is to find the right local partners to successfully communicate the value of its products better”, advises Mr. Leclerc.

About CIIE

The CIIE, the world's largest import fair, was created by the Xi Jinping government last year to show China's openness to the world and to facilitate international trade in the context of global protectionism. The event attracts nearly 200,000 Chinese buyers. Other Quebec companies such as BRP, Bio-K and Créaform also participated in this unique event.

About Maple 3

Maple 3 is a Quebec beverage company specializing in the supply and marketing of maple water. A pioneer in the industry, its mission is to encourage people to stay hydrated in a simple, natural and sustainable way and inspire an active lifestyle.

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