Maple Water is the Next Coconut Water

Updated: Jul 1

(The Globe and Mail, 2018)

Each week, we seek expert advice to help a small or medium-sized business overcome a key issue. A rite of spring in much of Quebec and Ontario, the maple sap season is as Canadian as hockey and curling. Maple water is essentially maple sap that, each year, flows from the roots of the trees up through the trunk. The sap is usually boiled down and concentrated to make syrup, but it can also be consumed as a fresh beverage.

"Coconut water is predicted by 2021 to be a $5-billion-a-year [(U.S.) industry]," he says. "Maple water has been touted as the next success story in the plant waters."

" Maple Water is organic and pure. It naturally contains minerals, electrolytes and just enough sugars. " - Maple 3 Maple Water.

Consumers are starting to look at beverages as more than just refreshment and hydration. They're starting to look at them as a meal supplement. So the category is starting to blur a little bit. You can take advantage of that blurring and define your own unique space, though if you're not careful no one will really be sure what you are.

Educate your potential customers, who likely have not heard about maple water and what benefits it might provide.

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