Numerous Health Benefits of Maple Water

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Discover maple water benefits!

A little visit to the sugar shack will give you more than pleasure. In addition to being delicious, maple products have several properties beneficial to your health. So think about incorporating them into your diet. Here are some of its benefits.

The properties of maple water

Maple water and sap contain phenolic compounds and flavonoids. These compounds are known for their powerful antioxidant effect.

Like maple syrup, water and sap have compounds of amino and organic acids. Two recent studies show that these compounds interfere in three phenomena involved in the development of tumors: oxidation, inflammation and angiogenesis (ie the formation of new blood vesse

ls which nourish malignant cells). In particular, they would limit the proliferation of prostate and lung cancer cells. Other studies will establish whether these products do indeed have anti-cancer properties.

Water and sap are used to make beauty creams. These act gently on mature skin and menopausal women, in addition to having soothing and regenerative properties.

Once fermented, the maple water turns into alcohol.

The properties of maple syrup

Among the Amerindians, maple syrup was used as a tonic.

A daily consumption of 50 ml of maple syrup fills 3% of the recommended intake of calcium, potas

sium and iron. The same amount fulfills 2% of the magnesium needs, as well as a manganese and zinc intake, all for 177 calories.

The syrup's antimutagenic activity is said to be greater than that of the sap, a phenomenon attributable to the syrup's transformation process.

Maple syrup and sugar contain sucrose, glucose and fructose. These last two are simple sugars which do not require any digestion and which are easily assimilated by the digestive system.

For a quantity of 15 ml, maple syrup is one of the least caloric sweetening agents, compared to table syrup and honey.

The syrup contains a significant concentration of abscissic acid known for its therapeutic properties against diabetes.

Maple, an edible product

It's not just maple water and its derivatives that are good for your health. Certain parts of this emblematic tree of Canada were consumed by the Amerindians, long before colonization, for their taste and their virtues.

Young maple shoots entered their diet in the spring.

The sugar maple samaras (barn fruits, contained in the fins), gathered in the fall and roasted, were kept for the winter and added to other foods. They offer a protein content of 43%. Green fruits, put in vinegar, are edible.

Young leaves, raw or cooked, are excellent in salads.

The inner bark was used to decorate hot drinks. Those from the red maple and the silver maple were ground to make a flour that went into the making of bread.

The roots, boiled, were used to treat wounds and abscesses, among others.

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