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1 ingredient - organic maple sap

Maple water naturally contains 46 bioactive compounds that help your body recover after exercise making Maple 3 a great alternative to artificial sports drinks.

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Maple 3 organic maple water hydrates two times faster than water making it the perfect drink for active, health-conscious people. Maple 3 is committed to taking environmental measures like choosing an eco-friendly packaging and by not harming the trees. In fact, more than just having a delicious taste and low calories, our maple sap is packaged in a 100% recyclable container made from 68% recycled paper.

When to drink maple water ? 

  • Drink it pure

  • Use it as a liquid base to lightly sweeten your smoothies

  • Infuse your coffee or tea

  • Make some delicious cocktails

Our lab ? We chose nature !

Thoroughly harvested every spring, our maple production is organic certified and exclusively chosen to get the best quality and taste of maple water. Our water then gets to you thanks to a unique filtration process preserving all its nutrients, its electrolytes and its minerals.

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